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FHA Checklist


The most common “issue” we see with the initial documents, is about 90% of the time we receive documents back, there are one or two items missing.  When this happens the file sits “on hold” until those items are in which can cause substantial delays.  Please be thorough and make sure all items below are returned.  If its easier, feel free to call me and I can run through the checklist below to clarify


  1. Disclosures- I will send your disclosures in a PDF to your email with “disclosures to be signed” on the subject line.  Please use the 800 number fax cover sheet that comes with these documents are there is a “bar code” on it that is read by our system when sent back. If you are having issues with this fax number, you can use the 877 fax number below as a back up

 If you prefer, you will receive another email that says “electronic document request”.  You can access the same documents here by logging into our website.  Our website offers the additional benefit of being able to “upload” the additional documents below if you prefer that to faxing.  If you prefer this, just click on the link in the “electronic document request” email and follow the steps as instructed.

****note, there is nothing you need to fill out with these disclosures, just sign and send back.

****also note, be sure to date the documents within 3 days of the date on the docs.  If they are not dated, we will need you to refax them to us.

  1. Name and number of home insurance agent__________________________
  2. Drivers license(s) (please enlarge as large as possible)(Scanning and emailing is best for the driver’s license for clarity as faxed Driver’s Licenses rarely come through legibly) 
  3. Please verify the address and your name listed in the disclosures (#1 above) matches the address and name exactly as you filed on your taxes last year (an independent verification is done through IRS now with all FHA loans) 
  4. 2 most recent paystubs 
  5. 2 most recent W2’s 
  6. Your 2 most recent Checking or Savings account statements showing transactions for the last 60 days.  (All pages)

****The regular monthly statements that most banks mail out are best.  If sending an online printout or “transaction history”, please call me first (or email), as additional guidelines apply for these 

****Very Important- FHA requires that we must “source” any non payroll deposits.  If you have any non payroll deposits or transfers on either of the bank statements, please call me and I’ll explain.  Note, in most cases its better to use your savings account statement (as long as it has the required balance above) as savings statements typically have less deposits and transfers to “source”.

  1. 2 docs from your last closing package---  Copy of your “HUD 1 Settlement Statement” and Mortgage “Note” from your last closing (all pages) ***I attached some samples to this email so you can see what they look like.  Make sure to not send the “HUD Addendum” as this is not the correct document 
  2. Copy of your mortgage statement 
  3. If there are two borrowers on your loan, you will see two copies of the “Truth in Lending Statement” that are with the disclosures mentioned in item #1 above.  Please make sure each borrower signs one of the Truth in Lending Statements (FHA requires that each borrower sign their own TIL document) 
  4.  Association Dues statement (if you have association dues) 
  5. Property tax statement and monthly mortgage statement (or proof of the dollar amount of home insurance) for any other   properties you may own 
  6. Spouse signed “Truth in Lending Statement” from loan documents in #1 above– this is if you are married and your spouse is not currently on the loan 
  7. If you file taxes jointly with your spouse that is not on the loan, they also need to sign the form labeled “4506T” (from item #1 above), and fill out their info in boxes 2a and 2b 
  8. Copy of 401k statement (all pages) 
  9. Social Security / Pension Award Letter 
  10. Copy of your “Note” from your 2nd mortgage 
  11. If Self Employed – last 2 years tax returns (all pages including all schedules) 
  12. Copy of your Social Security card(s) 
  13. If you have an American Express credit card, we will need a monthly statement showing zero balance or a minimum payment that is not the current balance.  
  14. If you have student loans that are currently in deferment, we will need documentation showing either 1) each student loan is deferred for at least another 12 months or 2) we would need documentation showing the payment amount and what that amount will be when the loan comes out of deferment (if less than 12 months) 


*if possible, its recommended you try to check your email daily for updates from us.  With the very high volume of refinance/purchase transactions, due to time constraints, our first attempt or two is usually through email


**if you prefer to scan and email the documents - make sure to save to one PDF and send to this email and please copy msruhland@gmail.com

Thank you!

Michael S. Ruhland

Michael Ruhland, Trusted Advisor NMLS # 215129 MN Lic # MN-MLO-215129
LendSmart Mortgage, LLC. NMLS # 4474
5001 American Blvd. W, Bloomington, MN  55437
Direct:  (952) 548-8291
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